The Recycle List: 100+ Things You Can Recycle and Where to Recycle Them

recycle_list_2 The Recycle List: 100+ Things You Can Recycle and Where to Recycle Them

The Recycle List

for Students and Teachers of Ecology:

 The Recycle List is a useful list of things you can recycle. It also includes a list of places by State where you can recycle things. Choose an item from the list that you would like to recycle by clicking on the links provided. These links provide environmental impacts, usage stats and useful reduction, reuse and recycling information. Household items such as old hair dryers, flat irons, paint and appliances, clothes, shoes, electronics and batteries are just a few of the many things that can be recycled.

Alongside of Reducing and Reusing, Recycling benefits all.

Did you know that plastic is the #5 recycled material in the U.S.?

Learn More – Get Involved:

According to the EPA, about 75% of what is found in the average garbage can is recyclable.

100+ Things You Can Recycle and Where to Recycle List:


Check out to find your Local Automotive Recycling Center:



Check out to find your Local Electronics Recycling Center:

Learn about: Verizon’s program to Recycle. Repurpose. Reward. Trade in your phone and donate the proceeds to help survivors of domestic violence via Hopeline OR receive a Verizon Gift Card by email.

Watch: Verizon’s video about how to Trade in Your Old CELL PHONE OR ELECTRONIC DEVICE


Glass: 90% of recycled glass is used to make new containers.

Check out to find your Local Glass Recycling Center:


Check out to find your Local Hazardous Waste Recycling Center:


Many household items such as toys, furniture, tv’s, etc., can be reused by donating to your local thrift shop or by posting ads on


Check out to find your Local Metal Recycling Center:

america-recycle-day The Recycle List: 100+ Things You Can Recycle and Where to Recycle Them


Learn about America Recycle’s Day – November 15th



Did you know… if 1 in 5 homes switched to electronic bills, statements and payments, the collective impact would save 151 million pounds of paper yearly, avoid filling 8.6 million household garbage bags with waste and avoid producing 2 million tons of greenhouse gas emissions?

Source: PayItGreen Alliance, 2008

Recycle List Bonus: Stop Junk Mail websites:

stop_junk_mail300x The Recycle List: 100+ Things You Can Recycle and Where to Recycle Them
Click image to learn how to stop junk mail   Federal Trade Commission List

see also: Stop Junk Mail Before It Stops You


Check out to find your Local Paper Recycling Center:

  • Books – you can donate for Re-use at your Local Libray
  • Cardboard
  • Catalogs
  • Computer paper
  • Grocery bags
  • Junk Mail
  • Magazines
  • Maps
  • Newspapers
  • Phone books


Check out to find your Local Plastic Recycling Center:

Sporting Equipment:

Recycle your quality used sports equipment at Play It Again Sports.

1800gotjunk-600x75 The Recycle List: 100+ Things You Can Recycle and Where to Recycle Them

 People who want to earn extra money can sign up on to collect recycled aluminum cans, plastic and glass bottles and newspapers from people who wish to give them away.

Myths and Facts from

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An  alternative  to  bagging  your  grass  clippings  is  to  mow  your  lawn  so  that  the  grass clippings  are never  more  than  two  or  three  inches  tall  so  you  can  leave  the  grass  clippings where  they  fall  to decompose.
Once  the  useful  life  of  an  automobile  is  over,  it  is  usually  left  in  a  junkyard.
The  automobile  is  the  most  recycled  consumer  product  in  the  world.  Nearly  all  cars
around  the  world  are  recovered  for  recycling.
froggy The Recycle List: 100+ Things You Can Recycle and Where to Recycle Them
“The frog does not drink up the pond in which he lives.” American Indian Proverb

Recycling and Waste Reduction by State:

Alabama Department of Environmental Management
Alabama Environmental Council

Alaska Center for the Environment

Arizona Department of Environmental Quality
Arizona Recycling Coalition

Arkansas Department of Environmental Quality
Arkansas Recycling Coalition

California Integrated Waste Management Board
Northern California Recycling Association

Colorado Association for Recycling

Connecticut Department Environmental Protection
Connecticut Recyclers Coalition

Delaware Solid Waste Authority

Florida Department of Environmental Protection
Recycle Florida Today

Georgia Recycling Coalition
Georgia Department of Community Affairs

Hawaii Recycles
Hawaii Department of Health – Solid and Hazardous Waste Branch

Idaho Department of Environmental Quality

Illinois Recycling Association
Illinois Environmental Protection Agency

Indiana Recycling Coalition
Indiana Department of Environmental Management

Iowa Department of Natural Resources
Iowa Recycling Association

Kansas Bureau of Waste Management
Kansas Recycles

Kentucky Division of Waste Management

Louisiana Department of Environmental Quality

Maine State Planning Office – Waste Management and Recycling Program

Maryland Department of Environment
Maryland Recyclers Coalition

Massachusetts Department of Environmental Protection
Massachusetts Recycling Coalition

Michigan Department of Environmental Quality
Michigan Recycling Coalition

Recycling Association of Minnesota
Minnesota Pollution Control Agency

Mississippi Department of Environmental Quality
Mississippi Recycling Coalition

Missouri Recycling Association
Missouri Department of Natural Resource

Montana Department of Environmental Quality
Recycle Montana

Keep Nebraska Beautiful
Nebraska State Recycling Association

Nevada Division of Environmental Protection

New Hampshire
New Hampshire Department of Environmental Services

New Jersey
Association of New Jersey Recyclers
New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection

New Mexico
New Mexico Recycling Coalition
New Mexico Environment Department

New York
New York State Department of Environmental Conservation
New York State Association for Reduction, Reuse and Recycling

North Carolina
North Carolina Division of Pollution Prevention and Environmental Assistance

North Dakota
North Dakota Solid Waste and Recycling Association
North Dakota Department of Health – Pollution Prevention and Recycling

Ohio Department of Natural Resources
Ohio EPA Office of Compliance Assistance and Pollution Prevention

Oklahoma Recycling Association
Oklahoma Department of Environmental Quality

Oregon Refuse and Recycling Association
Oregon Department of Environmental Quality

Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection
Pennsylvania State Recycling Association

Rhode Island
Rhode Island Resource Recovery Corporation

South Carolina
South Carolina Department of Health and Environmental Control

South Dakota
South Dakota Solid Waste Management Association

Tennessee Recycling Coalition

State of Texas Alliance for Recycling
Texas Commission on Environmental Quality

Recycling Coalition of Utah
Utah Department of Environmental Quality

Association of Vermont Recyclers
Vermont Department of Environmental Conservation

Virginia Recycling Association
Virginia Department of Environmental Quality

Washington State Recycling Association
Department of Ecology

West Virginia
West Virginia Solid Waste Management Board
Recycling Coalition of West Virginia

Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources
Recycle More Wisconsin

Wyoming Solid Waste and Recycling Association
Wyoming Department of Environmental Quality


Pagan Poet’s 100+ Things You Can Recycle List used the following resources: – Find out Why, Where and How to Recycle using the largest and most accurate recycling directory in the U.S. – Recycling Centers – Where to Recycle? Database of Recycling Drop of Locations and Centers By Maryruth Belsey Priebe