Native American meditation 4; Spiritual Power

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Native American meditation 4;
- Spiritual Power (Fool’s Crow-Teton)
- From Wakan Tanka (Chief Luther Standing Bear-Teton/Oglala)
- Our fathers (Chief Joseph-Nez Percé)
- Those who live (Fool’s Crow)
- With endless (Constitution of the Five Nations)
- We are bound (Leonard Crow Dog-Lakota)

Native American Meditations is dedicated to the Buffalo Hearts of the Native American Nations, Tribes and Confederacies; Crazy Horse, Sitting Bull, Black Elk, Red Cloud, Pontiac, Fool’s Crow, Sunbear, Chief Seattle, Tecumseh, Logan, Mangus Colorado, Quanah Parker, Cochise, Osceola, Powhatan, Joseph Brant, Washakie, Geronimo, Looking Glass, Plenty Coups, Red Jacket, Black Hawk, Gall, Sequoyah, Wovoka, those whose words appear here, and those whose words can no longer be heard; your spirit, strength and accomplishments burn in our hearts still. Hetch etu (it is so).
All performances, nature sounds and images were recorded on location. Every contributor to this project is Native American. May this contemplative music will help you connect with Mother Earth and you two-legged, four-legged, winged and finned Brothers and Sisters.
-PJ Coyote Caller Birosik-

Suggested reading list about Native American Culture and Beliefs.
-The American heritage book of Indians (W. Brandon)
The Sacred (Beck, Walters&Francisco)
Fools Crow; wisdom& power (T.Mails)
Black elk; the sacred ways of a Lakota (W.Black Elk&W.Lyon)
Buffalo hearts (Sun Bear)
Native American Wisdom (Nernburn&Mengelkoch)
The soul of an Indian (Ohiyesa/C.A. Eastman)
The Indians book (Natalie Curtis)