Moon Phases 2015

This table gives the time of all new and full Moon Phases that occur in the year 2015, as well as the last phase of 2014 and the first phase of 2016. It also includes the zodiac, or astrological, sign that the moon is in during each phase.

The Moon Phases 2015 Table

*All dates and times are Universal time (UTC); to convert to local time add or subtract the difference between your time zone and UTC, remembering to include any additional offset due to summer time(daylight savings time) for dates when it is in effect.

Moon Phases Signal Beginnings, Endings

New Moon phases are a great time to plant seeds, start new relationships, and begin business endeavors or projects. Meeting someone new on a new moon day can be the mark of a lasting friendship or love relationship. And, just as the moon’s void-of-course denotes and calls for a time to rest and regroup, the New Moon calls our attention to be aware and open to all things new.

Embarking on a new project or physical journey, planting in the garden, starting a new job and forming enduring relationships all stand to benefit from the solid thrust of positive energy that appears with each new moon.

Aligning and directing your energies to work with moon phases will create awareness, balance and acceptance.



New moons are not to be wasted! And, during this 2-week new moon phase, all activities, mental and physical, that were launched or set in motion on or close to the exact time of the new moon will be strengthened and moved forward by the waxing energy of the moon moving towards the climax, or fruition of the full moon.

Full Moon phases herald a proper time for endings and closure. Full moon’s also signal an appropriate time to shine a light on or display works and deeds that were previously veiled during the new moon phase.

It is usually during a full moon’s energy that we “find out” something about somebody.

As the bright and vibrant reflection of the Sun’s solar energy upon the Moon bounces cosmic energy upon the Earth, things become intensified, matters come to a head, and awareness is heightened bringing clarity of vision during the full moon. For some, however, this period of time may bring delusion and confusion rather than “reality” and clarification as our perceptions seems to change briefly during a full moon. Usually, this mini-phase of mayhem, or bliss, can be felt roughly 3 days before and after the exact time of the full moon.

There are 8 phases of the moon.

  1. New Moon – Also called the “Dark Moon” because during this period the moon reflects no light.
  2. Crescent Moon – depending on what hemisphere you live on, this period reflects just a sliver of light from the Sun on one side of it’s surface.
  3. First Quarter – As the Sun and Moon form a 90-degree angle, about a half of the moon becomes visible. The term “First Quarter” refers to the first quarter of the 8-phase cycle of the moon.
  4. Waxing Gibbous – During this period the moon reflects more light but is not quite yet full.
  5. Full Moon – As the term implies, the full surface of the moon becomes illuminated by the Sun.
  6. Waning Gibbous – More than half full but on the wane.
  7. Last Quarter – About half of the moon’s surface is reflecting sunlight on it’s opposite side as compared to the First Quarter.
  8. Crescent – Just about a sliver of the moon’s surface is reflecting sunlight on it’s opposite side as compared to the First Crescent Moon.

Aligning Yourself with the Moon

Staying “in tune” or in-sync with moon phases is a great way to naturally balance your life activity. Once you become aligned with moon phases, you can rest assured and move forward confidently with your daily affairs as lunar energy cycles like clockwork through 2-week phases of waxing and waning. Not only is this a tried and true method for attaining balance and harmony in your emotional life, this is also a natural way to achieve success and fulfillment in your professional life.

moon phases
Phases of the Moon

2 Examples:

New Moon in Capricorn

Let’s say the New Moon appears in the sign of Capricorn. As Capricorn, in general, is a sign well known for excelling at business related matters then the conclusion here would be that this would be a prime day to embark or start, form or launch a new business idea, plan or action. Any new relationships formed on this day would tend to be solid as Capricorn is an Earth sign and possibly serious as Capricorn is ruled by the planet Saturn who is known for taking things to task. That’s not to say that a new friendship made on this day couldn’t lead to romance. But, it most certainly points to a potentially businesslike or serious partnership–in one form or another.

As the moon phase waxes from new to full you should feel energies ramp up and intensify.

Full Moon in Cancer

Now, we know that the sign of Cancer is ruled by the Moon. We also know that Full Moons denote endings and things coming to a head and sometimes a boiling point. We also know that Cancer is a very sensitive, or psychic, sign. Cancer can also be very thick-skinned and seemingly callous due to it’s protective nature. What we’re looking at here is a very sensitive full moon period in which people’s emotions would be heightened and “feelings” would be the keyword to either unlock, or block, the ability to appreciate the intensity of this time. Whereas, a full moon in Leo often indicates a fiery time of high drama, a full moon in watery Cancer could see people feeling very sensitive and thus feeling hurt or rippled over what is said or done to them. With or without the added force of a full moon, the emotive sign of cancer with a moon transiting it’s crabby corner of the zodiac usually sees people out of sight. That is, nesting or resting at home. As Cancer rules all things domestic, nurturing, and stomach related, there could well be alot of folks over indulging with food and drink, most likely in the comfort of their own home–and soon paying the price with either a hangover or upset constitution. Or both! On the other hand, Full Moon’s often bring with them the creative power of change and variety. As a full moon gets many people itching to get out and about and desiring to “be seen”, there is a good chance that many folks will be expressing heightened versions of the Cancerian nature while away from home. This could have anything to do with anything Cancer related such as bringing a home cooked meal or dish to a loved one or attending a party where everyone brings a plate. Or, helping nurture a homeless person while out and about.

The idea here is that full moons can often shake things up and get us feeling a bit off kilter. This is a big part of the excitement of a full moon. The heightened sense of emotion. On the down side, people who are avert to variety or have issues with emotional intensity can expect to get frazzled during a full moon period.

As the moon phase wanes from full to new you should feel energies release and gradually relax.

In A Nutshell

The key to understanding the new and full moon phases is a two-fold process. One, to know the basic keywords assigned to each zodiac sign and to that of new and full moons. Two, to know what House of your Natal Chart all of this action is taking place in during either the new or full moon.

This second and highly critical “knowing” can be ascertained easily by using a website like that provides your progressed natal chart and reveals your moon’s House placement on the day in question. The reason this second bit is so important is that it reveals what area of life, and activity, will be governed by whatever does or doesn’t happen during the new or full moon.


Use this handy Moon Phases Table and your progressed Natal Chart to:

  • find the House the moon transits to know what/where to expect.
  • know when to expect, and plan for, beginnings and endings, of sorts.
  • assign astrological keywords to know how people act/react.

The Ride of Your Life

moon phases

Think of a classic roller-coaster. It slowly moves up towards a peak and then comes rushing down to glide, or whip and turn, before building momentum to face the next peak. This is the way of the moon! And just like a roller-coaster ride, if you go with the flow of the moon’s phases, you will be on the ride of your life and become naturally exhilarated and spiritually renewed.

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Full Moon in Gemini – 2014 Dec 6 12:27

New Moon in Capricorn – 2014 Dec 22 1:36

Moon Phases 2015

Full Moon in Cancer – 2015 Jan 5 4:53
New Moon in Capricorn – 2015 Jan 20 13:13

Full Moon in Leo – 2015 Feb 3 23:09
New Moon in Aquarius – 2015 Feb 18 23:47

Full Moon in Virgo – 2015 Mar 5 18:05
New Moon in Pisces – 2015 Mar 20 9:36

Full Moon in Libra – 2015 April 4 12:05
New Moon in Aries- 2015 Apr 18 18:56

Full Moon in Scorpio- 2015 May 4 3:42
New Moon in Taurus – 2015 May 18 4:13

Full Moon in Sagittarius – 2015 June 2 16:19
New Moon in Gemini – 2015 Jun 16 14:05

Full Moon in Capricorn – 2015 July 2 2:19
New Moon in Cancer – 2015 Jul 16 1:24

Full Moon in Aquarius- 2015 July 31 10:43
New Moon in Leo – 2015 Aug 14 14:53

Full Moon in Pisces – 2015 Aug 29 18:35
New Moon in Virgo – 2015 Sep 13 6:41

Full Moon in Aries – 2015 Sep 28 2:50
New Moon in Libra – 2015 Oct 13 00:06

Full Moon in Taurus – 2015 Oct 27 12:05
New Moon in Scorpio – 2015 Nov 11 17:47

Full Moon in Gemini – 2015 Nov 25 22:44
New Moon in Sagittarius – 2015 Dec 11 10:29

Full Moon in Cancer – 2015 Dec 25 11:11


New Moon in Capricorn – Jan 10th 1:30