new music from: Mooch – “Stations Of The Sun”

“Stations Of The Sun”

available summer solstice 2013 on iTunes and Spotify

British underground band Mooch presents: “Stations Of The Sun” .. 11 spirited songs celebrating the 8 celtic pagan holidays that form the pagan year; the 2 solstices, 2 equinoxes and 4 cross festivals. Rounding out are “The Holly King” and “The Oak King”, each respecting the hearty battles these mythological kings endure each solstice while the elements themselves face off, once again, turning towards a new season. And sealing Stations is track #11, “Wheel Of The Year”, which lilts like a carousel spinning ever upward, carrying us to turn to new journeys of change offered up along Life’s never ending wheel.

Mooch - Stations Of The Sun

With over 20 albums out since 1992, Mooch founder Steve Palmer’s numerous musical paths have gathered a following among neopagans seeking pagan themed music and songs.

Not only did he write, record, mix and master “Stations Of The Sun”, but he put two good souls to weave their talented voice power throughout this seasonal vision. That “take you to that other place” vocal prowess that brims from established artists like Beck Siàn doesn’t come along often..never did and never will. It’s not supposed to. Just enjoy the ride and her fine mystic detail. And Shelagh Teahan’s graces to “Stations Of The Sun” leave us all the richer with her warmth, presence and classical command.


To a short sample of my fav track featuring both singers: The Wheel Of The Year


This unique set of songs seems to be actually somewhat typical of a Mooch album. Songs that have been in the making but are now ready for the baking.. And as Palmer’s got the recording background to deliver on a varied musical landscape –he’s penned everything from synthy to rock to prog to ambient and 60s styled excursions –finding just the right chemistry with other musicians to record and finish his latest vision is all part of the interesting journey that is Mooch. For a look at many of the talented musicians that Steve has collaborated with over the years visit MoochMusic.

Bandname trivia: – in Britain ‘to mooch’ means to enjoy quiet or relaxed time, usually not doing very much.

Credits: “Stations Of The Sun” was recorded at Palmer’s Studio-by-the-Stream in Shropshire, UK. Steve Palmer, instruments. Beck Siàn, vocals. Shelagh Teahan, vocals. Erich Z. Schlagzueg, drums and percussion.

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