Mercury Retrograde – 2015 Dates

Mercury Retrograde

Mercury Retrograde 2015

January 21 – February 11

May 18 – June 11

September 17 – October 9

Mercury Retrograde

* dates listed for North America

The term “Mercury Retrograde” is still relatively unknown by the public at large yet it is quite easy to understand. Knowing astrologically when this reoccurring event will effect us can give us much insight as to precisely how it will impact our lives. By referencing coming Retrograde periods we can all mark our calendars and use our natal charts to see just when and how we will be touched by Mercury’s swift foot. By taking these simple steps we can objectively foresee with ample confidence to engage accordingly with Mercury retrogrades rather than be at the mercy of life’s unfolding events.

The Planet Mercury Mercury is the smallest and innermost planet to the Sun. It takes about 88 days to orbit the sun. Known to ancient Greeks as Hermes and to the ancient Romans as Mercury, the “winged messenger” was the messenger of the gods. Modern astronomy shows that Mercury appears from Earth to be moving backwards during 3 week periods called retrogrades. This visual illusion happens 3 times a year.

Storm and Shadow

For those seeking balance through astrology, Mercury retrogrades are to be noted of and prepared for before the actual period. Keep in mind that the dates above reflect the precise days when Mercury goes retro.  This is called the Storm period. There are also specific dates before and after the Storm period which are called Mercury’s Shadow. These Shadow days are less intense in terms of typical mercury retrograde activity in most people’s lives but should be noted and watched none-the-less. The Shadow period dates usually last about 2 weeks each and begin as Mercury travels through the first degree that it later will reverse to revisit in space. The Shadow period dates end as Mercury finally travels forward and past the furthest degree that it had previously turned around on.

Fate leads him who follows it, and drags him who resist.–Plutarch, Greek historian, biographer, and essayist (45 CE – 120 CE)

Be Prepared for Mercury Retrograde

Be prepared for certain upsets regarding all things:

  • communication
  • transportation
  • mechanically related

This includes possible glitches, delays, and meltdowns via:

  • phones
  • computers
  • technical electrical systems
  • travel schedules: trains planes, etc.
  • appliances
  • and general misunderstanding resulting from all manner of personal or other forms of communication.
mercury retrograde
Avoid binding agreements during a Mercury Retrograde

Binding agreements such as signature documents or online transactions are subject to possible backfire that may require a revisit, a rework, a refinement and/or a complete redo.

Do these annoyances occur throughout the entire calendar year?

Yes, of course, but in glaring magnification during retrograde periods. The old adage “Forewarned Is Forearmed” applies to mercury retrograde and is a celestial certainty that effects us all. Never fear tho, as with a little calendar clarity and a grain of salt, these pockets of time can be used with old Merc’s motion in coming to a better place when the dust settles.

Revisit, Revise, React and Repair

Just as the Moon changes Zodiac Signs roughly every 2 1/2 days briefly becoming Void of Course before entering the next Sign, Mercury Retrograde periods similarly and to a much larger extent create confusing conditions that can be rather upsetting, unsettling, or in demand of immediate response. Whereas a Lunar Void of Course period is a good time to rest and reflect a Mercury Retrograde period is a good time to revisit, revise, react and repair.

This could equate to revisiting and meditating upon something, revising after reflecting upon something, reacting to or repairing something with a revised approach. With plenty of rest, meditation, and reflection, your chances will be high for ending up on both feet after a Mercury Retrograde.

To determine how a Mercury Retrograde period will effect you:

With an account at you can view your natal chart including transits. Then, using the retrograde dates included in this article you can see exactly where Mercury is in the zodiac.

Sun signs that are transited by Mercury during a retrograde period should certainly expect a flurry of hijinx that will expose them to the brunt of delays and confusion much more so than other sun signs.

Take note and witness that many people will not even seem aware of any outstanding cosmic sparks while those born under sun signs that are being traversed by Mercury’s mayhem will definitely come under fire and welcome the end of this often trying, exasperating 3-week cycle. As the planet Mercury transits your natal house it will act out accordingly to the characteristics known to that house. Issues will surface and require attention specifically related to your house that mercury is currently transiting.

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