Eat Your Guru’s “Awakening the Lovelies”

Released May 2013 after 2011’s melding forerunner of ambient-trance-tribal-didgeridoo exploration, “Didgeridoo Vs Hang Drum”, “Awakening the Lovelies” is more good fun by one of the UK’s more ‘out of the box’ artist/author/poet/musicians..namely, Andy Duroe.

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Eat Your Guru

Eat Your GuruNot only do we know Andy from his earlier work but we have to thank him for holding to his path of individual creative expression by offering himself to the daunting maze that is “finding yourself”. With over two decades of traveling, surviving and flourishing as a “street musician and performer”, Andy’s creative life has far surpassed that of the average mere mortal. He has gone on to write and produce his own brand of music that I like to call “digee-party” music. And I love how it seams trance and tribal beats that weave and then melt into spiritual passages of indigenous-searching-heart-calls. It’s these bridges that sustain the musical party to a loftier head space without compromising the pulsing beats that hypnotically carry the album.

Song by song, “Awakening the Lovelies” is an earthy joyride that awakens the senses that tickle the brain and move the body.

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Listen to “Awakening the Lovelies” to hear what I’m talking about. To download the songs for free: just click “Buy” and enter a Zero! This is straight from Andy’s facebook page, Eat Your Guru. You can also leave a donation.. That would only be fair.


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“Eat Your Guru!” Electro World Fusion, Didgeridoo Hang music at Youtube