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Extraterrestrial Friends or Foes?

This article includes the best ufo videos covering government coverups, hybridization, implants, contact, and abduction evidence. See bottom for Bonus audio interview with Robert Dean.

Invasion_of_the_body_snatchers_movie_poster_1978Extraterrestrials or Aliens..have long been villainized as one of the ultimate threats to humanity. Alongside of self annihilation via nuclear war or some catastrophic global virus epidemic, extraterrestrials have held the fancy of fear producers including movie moguls and government agencies. Ever since the Roswell Incident of 1947, fear-based scenarios that intelligent beings from outer space would, could or might come to enslave, torture, conquer, kill or even eat us have been pushed upon the public by countless articles, stories, books, movies and video games.

Today, it seems the concept of an extraterrestrial presence is alive and well on cable TV shows, in major motion pictures and remains generally presented to the public in the form of fantasy, sci-fi, horror or thought provoking thrillers. Although The Vatican has made several statements open to the concept only recently has “regular programming” offered shows like “Ancient Aliens” that question the mere possibility of extraterrestrials. Rather than pursuing a conclusive argument based upon the overwhelming evidence, most of today’s world view regarding extraterrestrials has been carefully directed in such a way as to minutely leak “disclosure” while steering the majority of people to either laughter, denial, or disregard of the concept altogether.

Two possibilities exist: either we are alone in the Universe or we are not. Both are equally terrifying. – Arthur C. Clarke

But what do we really know? Are extraterrestrial’s our friends or our foes? Are extraterrestrial’s even real? Can we rely on information from our national government? Probably not in the U.S., I’m told.

But what if for a moment we just bypass all we’ve been fed by Hollywood, Big Brother Interests and forget the outright vagueness we’ve been sold by TV marketeers preying on our natural curiosity. What if we followed the money, so to speak, and watched, read and listened carefully to candid individuals who have previously worked with and/or have been directly involved with space, technology, and government agencies that have a multitude of reasons to be informed and aware of any possible ET contact or exposure.

Here are a few quotes from those ‘in the know’:

“For many years I have lived with a secret, in a secrecy imposed on all specialists in astronautics. I can now reveal that every day, in the USA, our radar instruments capture objects of form and composition that are unknown to us.”

– Gordon Cooper, NASA Astronaut

“Something is monitoring the planet. And they are monitoring it very cautiously.”— Senator Mike Gravel

“We’re at a point in history were we have to become a part of the neighborhood of inhabited planets, like a neighborhood of a community, which we have not even acknowledged that that community exists up until this point.”

– Edgar Mitchell, Apollo 14 Astronaut

extraterrestrial“In the hallowed halls of national security agencies and the pentagon, top military, top security people, the top people know essentially this reality, but the masses of people don’t, and the people in authority, the elite as it were, the power brokers, have desperately tried to keep the lid on this thing because, it’s not simply visitors from another planet or from another star or another galaxy or even another dimension, it’s not simply that, it isn’t that simple. We’ve learned over the years that several of these intelligences have been involved with us from the beginning of human history and the evidence has been collected that the human race, literally, is a hybrid race and that some of these advanced intelligences, from wherever they’re from, have been involved in genetically manipulating us as a species from the beginning of our history. Man is a hybrid. From a lower order we have been genetically manipulated by advanced intelligences into what we are. Now that in itself is dynamite for god’s sake.”

– Robert Dean, Retired Command Sergeant Major, US Army

“Although the aliens are not themselves gods, their behavior is sometimes anything but godlike, abductees consistently report that the beings seem closer to the godhead then we are, acting as messengers, guardian spirits or angels, intermediaries between us and the divine source.”

– Dr. John Mack, Passport To The Cosmos

Most of us by now have come to the conclusion that “we are not alone”.

Still, the question remains, “Are extraterrestrial’s our friends or our foes?” It seems to me that if we are slowly being inducted into our galactic neighborhood, and that neighborhood has at least dozens of intelligent species, then we had better be just a lil wary as we journey into and become conscious members of our new community. And this basic idea seems to run rampant within government intelligence communities as well. And for good reason. The idea that national security is top priority is a good thing if we are dealing with hostile entities. But what if we are not dealing with hostile entities?

Best UFO Videos

What if we are encountering several species that aim to help us?

Mary Rodwell’s riveting lecture, “The New Humans”, documents case after case that demonstrates extraterrestrial influences upon the children of the world. These young abductees are sometimes called “Indigo Children” and seem to be showing signs of genetic engineering from their nightly visits by extraterrestrial beings. These children are actually revealing to us that a new generation of advanced people have arrived via “upgrades” and dna modification from several different species of extraterrestrials.

The Indigo Files discusses at length the role and purpose of Indigo people.

Tracking Implants:

Just as we “21st century” humans track bears and whales, extraterrestrial’s that are possibly thousands or even millions of years more advanced then us may be tracking the entire human race as part of a process of genetic evolution. Watch this fascinating documentary about Dr. Roger Leir, a podiatric practioner who discovered and removed an alien implant while doing routine foot surgery. This has led him to at least 16 implant removal operations that have been fully documented by sending the objects in question to top laboratories who have unanimously stated that these nano-technology objects are not of human origination.

As transmitters, could these alien implants be used to benefit mankind?

The Day Before Disclosure

This excellent film discusses many aspects of our friend or foe question. As thousands of professionally documented worldwide ufo cases including sightings, telepathic contact and abduction, The Day Before Disclosure examines what was once a phenomenon and brings into focus an emerging view regarding the plan and purpose of extraterrestrial contact.

“We have come in the past to help in the process of change on the earth and we are here once again”.

From disarming nuclear missile silos to mass monitoring to genetic modification, certain extraterrestrial’s seem to be making their presence known as benevolent beings whose purpose is to guide, transform and enlighten us. Although there may be substantial proof that shows some species to be less concerned about our welfare than their own–which seems to be somewhat of a universal, if not fundamental act of Nature–there is a growing body of data, documents and evidence that clearly indicates an extraterrestrial interest, an age’s old concern and quite possibly a Creator’s enduring love for the human race.

On UFO Disclosure: It’s our biggest news event. Who we are, where we are from and where we are going can only be addressed through detailed disclosure. It is my belief that there will be no one singular event that reveals disclosure, but rather, thousands of bits of information that will eventually touch us all to finally form a complete picture: the realization that we were never alone and never will be.

We are not alone, we never were and never will be. We are from the stars and made from those who are from the stars.

Our spiritual future is evolving. Our world view and our cosmic view seem to be merging. Our future mythology will carry our past into tomorrow and with it bring clarity to how we used to live before our foes became our friends. – Pagan Poet

 The Hidden Hand – Alien Contact and the Government Cover Up

The Hidden Hand is an Awardwinning documentary by filmmaker James Carman that explores many of the key facets of ufology and the extraterrestrial reality. Loaded with evidence and several interviews by ufo experts, The Hidden Hand aptly breaks down the “phenomena” and organizes separate areas into a cohesive picture that reveals a much larger view to the public. This noble aim potentially offers new perspectives as we move forward in comprehending our place, and role, as a species interacting with other species.

Governmental and military activity, hybridization programs, implants, along with contact and abduction experiences are all examined to reveal historical patterns of meticulous interaction and intelligent coverup spanning millenia.

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BONUS FANTASTIC AUDIO INTERVIEW WITH ROBERT DEAN, former U.S. Military Intelligence Officer – He speaks candidly of his 6 weeks spent with Higher Intelligence. Upon his return, a mere 15 minutes had elapsed!

Robert Dean shatters  the “established” world view. Akashic Records, DNA, Spiritual beings, telepathy, time/matter manipulation, the New Earth Species, out-of-body, Ships and more.