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Fate's Fables

Fate’s Fables

“Fate’s Fables” is the first in a series of young adult fantasy novels that find our heroine, Fate, cast into the magical Book of Fables where she seeks to right a spell gone horribly wrong. Along the way she becomes drawn to her true love, in the form of the mysterious Finn, while confronting...


Book Review: The Faery Faith by Serena Roney-Dougal

The Faery Faith: Book Review ~ by Celestial Elf see also: Celestial Elf’s Machinima Mythology The Dance Of Life (Blog) Celestial Elf Facebook Celestial Elf Machinima Page Celestial Elf Twitter Celestial Elf Last FM SL Machinima Artists Guild Celestial Elf GoodReads Celestial Elf Pinterest The Faery Faith: An Integration of Science with Spirit;  A...