Astrology and Numerology Tips

9 Basic Astrology and Numerology Tips

Astrology and Numerology Combined: 9 Tips for year round use – Use this free astrology list to help guide your relationships, create peace in your daily affairs and ultimately enrich your life.

Let’s face it, in garnering a deeper sense of prevision, there are an infinite number of perspectives that could be sought to enlighten your path. Students of astrology can easily get lost and confused in the wealth of material, concepts and ideas put forth by modern writers.
So, I’ve put together this list of 9 tried and true basic astrology and numerology tips that can be considered as basic and simple yet very useful in keeping one’s spirit in balance along the ofttimes narrow and lofty rocky road.
And as in all things cosmic and karmic, the key to mastering them lies in keeping them basic and simple and to keep on using them.

*Things you will need: Your natal chart and use of the internet to search. Also, you will need either an excellent memory or a calendar to mark key dates. Since I’ve a spotty memory I rely on excellent calendars, digital notes and the like.


Astrology is just a finger pointing at reality.— Steven Forrest

1. Know your moon sign.

What’s your moon sign? We all know our sun sign but if we want to really understand how we will react to life we must look to our moon sign. While our sun sign describes our outer, or active nature, our birth or natal moon sign reveals our inner or emotive personality.
Knowing just how your moon sign can and will typically react in life situations is helpful to understanding and accepting your inherent emotional strengths and weaknesses.
Make a mental note of situations that strongly call upon your emotional faculty and accept that the nature of emotion is largely expressed through people in a push-me, pull-me play of motion. Without this natural dance of emotion people can’t fully express their true inner feelings and usually end up feeling outside of themselves and frustrated. Learn to better understand your own personal range of emotional expression by studying the characteristics of your natal moon sign as well as all the other moon signs.
Knowing how your moon sign typically interacts with the eleven other moon signs of the zodiac plays a critical role in determining whether you can potentially connect or will clash during moody times and confrontation. Knowing your moon sign’s element(fire, earth, air or water) and that of other’s will allow you to discover a multitude of interpersonal dynamics. Remember, that even with the best of intentions moon sign incompatibility will depth-test everyone’s patience and sense of forgiving. Sometimes, when moon signs clash the best thing to do is to just walk away until the moon moves into the next sign of the zodiac. At that point, high emotions will have had time to recede and reflect and the moon’s sway, having changed signs and element, will stand to offer a new position and fresh perspective to all parties involved. It won’t change the natal signs of the players but it will move them to explore a new place on the emotional dance floor.

Knowing your natal moon sign can subtly introduce and consciously bring emotional well-being into your interactions with others. Knowing another person’s moon sign can help you to better understand them, accept them and relate to them.

2. Know what Sign the moon is transiting.


What sign is the moon currently in?
Once we know and understand a bit about our own moon sign and that of others, or rather who’s on the emotional dance floor, we must know what sign the moon is currently in to determine what part of the dance floor we are all on.
Just as our natal moon sign shows us some of our individual emotional traits, so does the current placement of the moon show us universal tendencies that touch us all. And this is where it gets interesting. For, as much as we already know ourselves and how hard it is to change ourselves, how great would it be to know a good deal of information about how other people will be feeling, and thus acting on any given day?
Bare in mind that these universal cosmic influences are broad in nature and pass mostly unnoticed by the masses. They serve as a grand backdrop to the canvas of daily life. Never the less, here’s how it works:
Every time the moon changes signs cosmic things happen. As the lunar body in space passes from one element to the next, it’s cosmic effect seems to change and then translate that new information down to life on earth. That is, the moon’s effect upon us is in direct relationship to where the moon is in relation to the signs of the zodiac.

Over millennia, astrologers have assigned specific influence, effect, duty and function to all 8 planets, 12 signs and 12 houses of our solar system. If the moon is transiting one of the three water signs then overall, in general mind you, the public at large will be considerably more inclined to subconsciously take on the tendencies associated with water signs ie; intuitiveness, emotional sensitivity, nurturing, etc.

Knowing what sign the moon is currently transiting can help explain why people on a Sunday afternoon tend to stay at home cooking and nurturing(moon transiting Cancer, the watery crab) or decide to go out for a night on the town(moon transiting Leo, the firey lion).

Harmonizing with moon transits will allow you steady access to peace of mind. Aligning your energy to that of the moon can enable you to achieve emotional stability, revived imagination and refreshed mental abilities.

3. Know when the Moon is Void Of Course.


Luna generally takes about 2 1/2 days to transit each sign. It is considered “void of course” starting from the time it forms it’s last possible 30°, 45°, 60°, or 90° aspect to any other planet to the time when it enters the 1st degree of the next sign. A lunar void of course period can last anywhere from moments to many hours and sometimes even days.
What happens during a void of course moon? Typically, things don’t go much as planned. Historically, the void of course moon period is defined as a time to rest, to ponder, and if to act, react or possibly redo, rebuild or repair. This is not the optimum time to formally launch new ideas or to build new bridges as the void of course moon will be at odds and most likely hinder, halt or even unhinge your good intention to the point of causing you to start all over again. Same goes for major medical procedures such as surgery, which should be avoided during a void-of-course moon and scheduled to a time where the moon corresponds favorably to the area of the body in question.

The moon void of course period is that fuzzy time when charging full steam ahead will only waste your time and steam. Better to lay things down for a while and see what a breather can do for all involved.

Knowing when the moon is void of course will allow you to follow the natural flow of energy around you and be rejuvenated so as to take full advantage of the coming energies and element of the next sign.

4. Know when of Lunar and Solar Eclipses. simple_sun_motif

To know precisely when annual lunar and solar eclipses will occur is to know when pivotal moments of the year will occur. Both Lunar and Solar eclipses are celestial events that coincide with important personal events and usually denote endings or cyclic changes that relate specifically to the nature or characteristics of the house where the eclipse occurs. While lunar eclipses effect the inner circle of all matters of the family, home and emotional front, Solar eclipses effect your outer circle of matters related to work, societal standing and overall social status.
In general, new moon phases are usually associated with beginnings while full moons are times marked by endings or seen as times that clearly mark the beginning of an end of some sort.

*Use an ephemeris, the search engines or your favorite astrology website to get dates of these very important sun and moon eclipses.

5. Know your Power Days.


Leaving briefly the cosmic arena of astrology we now look to the power of Numerology to help you locate your personal “power days”. Power Days are days when cosmic energy comes together for you. As you are always in alignment natally to the date or vibration of your birth you are also in alignment with the recognized and agreed upon date or vibration of the world’s vibrational energy.

The ancients studied numbers meticulously and over time recognized that all numbers are equal to measurements of vibration. They developed an accurate system whereby letters are assigned numbers.

In the case of our current western alphabet of 26 letters, each letter is assigned a vibration or number 1 thru 9 such as:

A=1, B=2, C=3, D=4, E=5, F=6, G=7, H=8, I=9

J=1, K=2, L=3, M=4, N=5, O=6, P=7, Q=8, R=9

S=1, T=2, U=3, V=4, W=5, X=6, Y=7, Z=8

Example: Whitedog=5+8+9+2+5+4+6+7=46=1 vibration

*The system of Numerology includes definition and interpretation for the birth date but also for the combined numbers of birth day, month and year. All words, numbers and names also contain numerical vibrations that can be easily broken down into a 1-9 vibrational number. There are many websites that explore the complete system in great depth. For the sake of this article we are only focusing on the birth day in order to discern your power days.

To know your Power Days for any month: simply use “occult addition” by adding the digits of your birth day.

Example: if your birthday is the 18th you will add 1+8 which equals 9. Your power days will be the 9th, 18th and 27th of every month, year in and year out.

Example: if your birthday is the 10th you will add 1+0 which equals 1. Your power days will be the 1st, 10th and 28th of every month, year in and year out.

Your power days are days to recognize as your optimum times for being “in-tune” with the outside as well as the inside forces of the universe.

These are days to let your guard down and move forward without interference or friction that can normally be felt on your non-power days. By simply becoming aware of your power days you will notice that on these days, more than on any other days of the month, you will feel a strong sense of harmony and ease with people and your place in the world.

Learn to recognize and celebrate others’ Power Days by simply knowing their date of birth. Are they an 8 or a 9? Why not plan your next meeting on their power day?

6. Know your Personal Year.


Michael McClain’s excellent numerology article here explains in easy to understand language that each of us travels through 9 year cycles based upon our date of birth. As each new year carry’s it’s own set of trials, gifts and glories, all based upon it’s corresponding numerological vibration, ie; a One year denotes a year of beginnings, an Eight year will bring success, etc., it shouldn’t be too hard to get a handle on what you can expect from the universe for the coming year ahead by studying the keywords and hallmarks connected with each of the nine years in the cycle.

To calculate your Personal Year:

Add the numbers of your birth day and month:

Example July 18th=7+1+8=16 or 7. (16=1+6=7)

Now add that number to the year:

Example: 2013=2+0+1+3=6

7+6=13 which equals 1+3 and 4 in Numerology.

Michael McClain’s article has useful interpretations for each of the nine years that lays out in descriptive terms what one can and should expect and plan ahead for in the coming years by using Numerology and learning about the Personal Year.

7. Know your Animal Year.


Each year of the Chinese calendar’s twelve year cycle corresponds to a different animal.

The Chinese believe that the animal that corresponds to the year that one is born is “the animal that hides in your heart” and has a strong influence on ones life. By knowing what “year of the animal” you were born under you can identify and associate similarities with yourself and that particular animal. For instance, if you were born in the year of the tiger you may tend to be relatively agile on your feet while having the benefit of quick reflexes.

Find your animal year here to take note of this ancient system of association regarding human traits and behavior and animal types.

Also called The Spring Festival, this most popular holiday period commences on the day of the first new moon of the New Year and ends on the full moon about two weeks later.

8. Know your Saturn Transit.

Saturn Transiting: A Quick Look at What to Expect

Saturn is always transiting both a Sign and a House of the zodiac. But which ones? Using the internet search engines and your natal chart you can find out the answer to both of these critical questions. As Saturn is historically known as the Planet of Challenge or the Great Taskmaster and takes a whopping 2 1/2 years to transit signs and houses it is imperative to understand it’s purpose, dramatic life changing effects and exact transit entry and exit dates. I’ve written at length this Saturn Transiting: A Quick Guide to help you unlock and better understand the unwavering strength and mission of mighty Saturn.

9. Know when Mercury is Retrograde.  mercury_retrograde

Mercury Retrograde periods occur three times a year for a period of three weeks each and have clearly shown to influence events related to Time and Communication. Agreed upon times and dates seem to mischievously go awry while all manner of Communication are subject to upset. It is essential to be aware of how and when these pesky windows of time may critically effect you. Please refer to where I previously wrote about the cause, effects and what to do during a Mercury Retrograde.

So there we have 9 basic tried and true cosmic and karmic tips based on astrology and numerology that i hope can help you as you continue to explore your personal spiritual path..

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