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 Founded in 2000, Pagan Poet has grown to include practical and esoteric material about paganism, wicca, witchcraft, neopaganism and spirituality in general. The sum of the site includes educational and historical articles as well as pagan related band and book reviews, 100s of e-cards, poems, videos, quotes, downloads and a large music playlist.

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Pagan Poet promotes works by artists, musicians, and writers.

Our submission guidelines are as follows:

What we promote:


We review submissions from artists and musicians. Artists: Please send here 3 or more artworks, including links to bio, social media, etc. Musicians: Please send here promo pack(photos, bio and cd or download link) including social media links, itunes, spotify, etc.

What we publish:


Articles, texts, poetry, personal essays, short stories, and art related to ecology, paganism, neopaganism, spirituality, science, new-age, new-paradigms, fantasy, occult, psychic, ufology, chemtrails, the Singularity, the Chip and other subjects.
Preference is given to topics written for a general audience, and approximately 300-500 words. Submit here.

*We are not a book publishing company.

Previous writers include:

Mike Nichols, John Lash, Issac Bonewits, Domo Geshe Rinpoche, Paula Andrea Pye, Larry Cornett, Larry Cebula, Celestial Elf, Leo Babauta and many more.


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